Lighting design firm sees the light

Published on January 15, 2011 in Case Studies

The business

The Flaming Beacon is an independent architectural lighting design service with an international reputation for creative innovation.  An array of work is drawn from across the globe and includes clients such as boutique developments, hotels and resorts, restaurant precincts and performance centres.

Like most modern day businesses The Flaming Beacon depends on technology that is flexible, reliable and fast.

Its challenges

With its large design files, time critical project management and global accessibility needs, The Flaming Beacon realised their existing IT service may not be as proactive or experienced as needed to support their business.

Key business drivers such as system security, remote accessibility, stable communication and robust backup were identified as essential deliverables for any new provider.

Risk Factors

  • unreliable client communication due to a volatile and insecure email system
  • delays and productivity issues because of outmoded and ineffective remote access
  • loss of data, client contacts, design or project files due to backup protocol
  • project inefficiencies with existing design file sharing and access issues
  • high prospect of system infiltration and infection due to deficient security firewall

Our solution

After an IT health audit to determine current and future needs, existing servers were commissioned to function as intended.  A new firewall was also added and NOVA iT Managed Support Services have now been providing stable external email, secure remote access, offsite FTP file sharing and reliable external backup for over 12 months.

Not only does this provide the peace of mind, files can be restored in minutes, it leaves internal resources free to concentrate on growing the business.


The Flaming Beacon now enjoys technology systems, security and processes consistent with its own professional image.  The NOVA iT solution has delivered genuine cost reductions but the real return on this investment lies in improved workflow processes and better staff productivity.

No reliance on personnel to change tapes or take backup disks home, offers greater security and a high integrity disaster recovery plan is in place, should it ever be needed.

The Flaming Beacon solution is scalable to the business.  So in the long term, selecting NOVA iT as their IT provider means they have also chosen a service capable of supporting future business growth.

‘IT doesn’t come up in our meetings anymore, it just works and we can focus on our jobs.’
Jo Roads, Office Manager


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