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Have you ever looked at your competition and wondered how their practice runs so well or is so profitable?

To compete in todays market you need to take full advantage of the systems/technology available to you. It is these systems which help you stay ahead of your competition.

The NOVA iT team has years of industry experience which enable us to support the systems that run your business. We work with you to improve your dental practice through efficient and considered/planned use of your current technology. We assess, advise and help you implement the changes which will enable you to stay ahead of your competition.

If you’re having a problem then, chances are, we’ve seen it before. If we haven’t then, rest assured, we’ll know the right questions to ask of your software vendors. A large number of the problems we see going un-resolved are things that the software vendors could fix but their clients are unable to communicate the problem in a way that the vendor can easily understand.

A number of cases we have experienced, the vendors don’t understand how our client’s networks are configured and their solutions may not work properly or could cause other issues. If left unresolved, these can cause catastrophic problems for the business. Most vendors are product specialists, our expertise is ensuring all products work in harmony.

Utilising our services can make an enormous difference to how your systems operate and whether you are gaining return on your investment.

Our clients use a diverse range of software to run their practices and we have experience with the following:

Practice Management Software:

  • Dental 4 Windows (Centaur)
  • Oasis
  • Exact


  • Centaur MediaSuite
  • Digora
  • Dimaxis
  • Sidexis
  • Sirona
  • Cerac


  • Kodak
  • SNAP
  • Orthotrack
  • 3D modelling
  • Invisalign
  • Maestro 3D modelling
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