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Alarming trend on facebook – hackers paradise (DossierNominate)

Published on August 27, 2015 in ITnews


A new and alarming trend on facebook in which people share some of their most personal information, post it online and nominate 5 friends to do the same.

I just witnessed one of the biggest mistakes I have ever seen on social media, an alarming trend that needs to stop, if not a hackers paradise awaits.

During my usual Vanilla infused Latte this morning I was scrolling through my facebook feed when I came across one of my friends sharing all sorts of personal information which would be a treasure trove for anyone wanting to steal her identity – a hackers paradise.  Here is an example of the information, the actual information has been changed to protect the person who made this unbelievable DossierNominate mistake.

A hackers paradise

hackers paradise DossierNominate


Michelle Mistake

10 hrs – Melbourne


Been arrested ? :no
Fav Food :Indian
Height ? :152
Been Depressed :no
Current Mood :happy
Relationship Status :married
Like Someone :yes
Fav Song :Thunder struck
Love Someone :yes
Have a Boyfriend Or Girlfriend? :husband
Want a Boyfriend Or Girlfriend? :no have a husband
Future Kids ‍‍‍ :got 3 so no
Kids Names  :Sam, Julie & Kylie
Fav Color :blue
Birthday ? :7/7/77
Zodiac Sign :scorpio
Have Tattoos :yes
Have Piercings :yes
Fav Artist :Robbie Williams
Last Person You Texted :Sandra
Battery Percentage ? :19%
NickName ? :Wally
Last Hug :today
Last kiss :Jai boy
Siblings ‍‍‍ :sis jessica , Damien , Luke James Sean
Fav Movie :bridesmaid
Winter❄ or Summer :summer
Fav Animal :none
Get Married :yes

I Nominate 5:Sarah Smith, Bob Jones, Rebecca Aaron, Carol Archer, John Doe. msg A Clean Copy In The Comments?

facebook like




If posting this information wasn’t bad enough, she has now nominated 5 other friends to do the same.

Is this really a problem, as she is only sharing this with her friends?  I hear you ask.

Lets run some numbers on how much of a problem this could be:
– Lets assume that only 2 out of 5 people are silly enough or have a lapse of judgement.
– Lets assume that each iteration happens every hour for the next 24 hours (lets face it, we know it will last longer than that)

After 24 hours there would be 16,777,216 sets of private information that would make it so so much easier for someone to steal your identify.

If you set your facebook settings to only share with your friends and not friends of friends this will at least limit your own exposure. – true

– What if one of your friends shares your post?
– Do you really know and trust all your friends that well?
– What if one of those friends has their facebook account compromised?

Your information will be out there, and it is really hard to take back.

I am hoping that this will help people make better choices when it comes to sharing their personal information.

P.S. There is sharing and then there is sharing too much.
I mentioned at the beginning of this post that I was drinking my Vanilla infused Latte, while this is personal to me neither Vanilla or Latte can be used to steal my identify, unless my secret questions happen to be:
– What is your favourite morning beverage?
– Or What is your favourite flavour?

Stay safe.

David – NOVA iT


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