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New skype ransomware threat

Published on May 20, 2016 in ITnews


A new variant of ransomware is now being spread via Skype.  The new Skype ransomware threat is the latest way of spreading the malicious code which encrypts data files on your local and networked machines, forcing you to recover from backups.

If you run Skype, you are at HIGH RISK of a banner on the home page trying to run this file.  It is highly likely to be some form of ransomware.  The latest breach will have an item similar to this showing on your computer.

New skype ransomware threat - download image

These criminals are constantly changing the way they try to penetrate your systems, so it is important to be vigilant when dealing with anything that appears out of the ordinary.

Please remember, if you see something you are not sure about – contact us immediately.  And if you have clicked Open, then IMMEDIATELY shut down your computer and call to speak to one of our engineers – Contact us

Please ensure everyone in your business is aware of this, to help protect your systems.

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