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IP Reputation Review

Ensuring your email gets to its destination

What is IP Reputation?
Like a credit profile, an IP Reputation profile is an indication of the trustworthiness of an emails source server.  Our review looks at a number of characteristics about your domain and IP address in addition to the actual configuration of your email system.

Our review looks at the same information that ISPs and other email receivers (your clients) utilise to determine whether to accept or reject your email.

An IP Reputation Review will tell you the most important factors you need to change about your system in order to improve your delivery rates.


Why Reputation Matters?
A recent Return Path study shows that the email sender reputation, and not content, is the major factor in whether your email reaches the inbox.  83% of the time, sender reputation is the cause of filtering.  All email receivers use different standards to determine what triggers filtering, but they all hinge on your IP reputation.  Think of it as a credit profile for your email system.

Why is a once off review not enough?
The goal posts are always changing and systems are improving and evolving, in order to stay on top of these changes our IP Reputation Review is performed quarterly to ensure you maintain a high email delivery success rate.

So what does it cost?
For as little as $250 exGST per year you can maintain a high email delivery success rate to your clients, that’s only 68 cents per day.

Note: If you are a Managed Service client then this will be performed as part of your agreement with us, as we see this as a value add service.

How do I take advantage of this offer?
Simply send us an email and we will do the rest or call us if you have a poor IP Reputation and our SPAM filter is blocking you 🙂

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