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Your data is your business, imagine if you lost it all … through fire, theft, corruption or employee malicious damage?  Not knowing who owes  you money but everyone you owe will still come knocking.  Many businesses have hit the wall and never recovered.  Don’t be a statistic.

You need insurance – but wait, insurance companies don’t cover data, only the physical assets.

The way we use and store data has changed, how we store protect and secure this data has often been over looked.  Now not only servers, but workstations need to be backed up as reliably also.  Data can now reside anywhere as users create, modify and share information while on the go from multiple devices, usually by means outside the control or without the knowledge of the IT department.

All of our backup solutions push your precious data to our Melbourne Data Centre which hosts some of the largest businesses in Australia.


Fully Managed System State Backup for servers and mission critical workstations

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 NOVA Backup

Ideal for workstations, laptops or businesses without a server or your looking for a budget solution

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 NOVA Storage

Have your own backup solution and just need a secure place to store your data then we have the solution for you

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Not sure which one is right for you or your business then contact us.  NOVA can help you make the right decision to protect your most valuable asset.

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