NOVA ZeroDR proactively protects your business from unforeseen data loss. We remove the burden of backing up your data by automating the process to perform backups based upon your business requirements and/or regulatory compliance needs.

Key Benefits:

  • PEACE OF MIND – Fully managed backup solution
  • MINIMUM DATA LOSS – 15 minute* backup window
  • ZERO UNEXPECTED COSTS – one monthly fee. Cost of purchasing, licensing and upgrading is abolished
  • MINIMAL DOWNTIME – Server recovery time can be reduced (recovery time not included in this service)
  • SUPERIOR BACKUP TECHNOLOGY – Allows server backup to be restored to same or different hardware
  • ZERO STAFF INTERACTION (Fully automated) – It runs every night like clockwork. Staff forgetting to swap tapes will no longer compromise your backups
  • OFFSITE STORAGE – Automatically moves your data offsite to our Australian data centre. No need to carry data with you
  • EXTENDED BACKUP WINDOW – Our flexible data retention policy goes up to 12 months for live backup files, we also offer an optional archiving solution for clients who need to meet stringent SOX and other compliance requirements.
  • SECURE DATA STORAGE – Your computer files are protected by “military-strength” security. During the transmission of data and while the data is stored at our facility, no third party can view the files unless they have your password
  • FUTURE PROOF – Designed to grow with your business needs

NOVA iT has the perfect offsite backup solution – NOVA Zero DR (Disaster Recovery).  If needed your system can be restored** to its full state before your disaster, even if your hardware has been replaced with a newer model.

Your offsite copy is sent overnight to our secure data centre in Melbourne so it doesn’t affect your internet speed during the day. How often we run a backup will depend on what your server can handle without impacting performance. Some of our clients are backing up every 15 minutes, others every hour and some once per day. The backup system is image based, which means all software and data is backed up, everything.

We monitor the backups and ensure they are running, if there is a fault we sort it out which includes coming to your office to pick up new seed copies when issues arise. Any changes to your server and data are copied to our data centre in Melbourne each night which minimises your potential downtime in an emergency. (some offsite solutions store the data on international servers to keep the costs down, however this presents a problem when you need to re-download this information, it can take days and even weeks depending on the internet connection used)

This solution is recommended for anyone who wants to protect their business, NOVA iT has spent years refining this system and it works really well for their clients.   Let it work for you too.

*Data is backed up locally every 15 minutes if your server can handle this without affecting performance and off site once per day.
** Restoration services are not included


– Fully Managed System State Backup for servers and mission critical workstations

From $2,400 per annum  Buy Now

If your still not sure contact us and we one of our professional consultants will help you decide the best solution for your business needs.

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