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CrystalMail Anti-Spam

crystalMail CrystalMail Anti-Spam is an email management solution that proactively protects your business from viruses and unwanted emails.

Key Benefits of CrystalMail:

  • STOP EMAIL VIRUSES & SPAM – before they reach your network
  • IMPROVE STAFF PRODUCTIVITY – No more wasted time sorting through junk emails
  • SAVE BANDWIDTH – you won’t waste your internet usage on unwanted emails and your internet connection will run faster
  • SECURE – stop hackers from accessing your email server by utilising CrystalMail as a secure mail relay
  • SAFE – set rules to manage content and keywords allowing you to control and limit legal exposure due to inappropriate or offensive email content
  • REDUNDANCY – Backup mail queue, if your internet connection is down our server will hold the mail until your connection is restored
  • HIGH AVAILABILITY – Redundant CrystalMail servers ensure your mail keeps flowing, even in the unlikely event that our primary link goes down.

spamHow has CrystalMail helped others?

  • SPAM levels have dropped from approx. 1,000 per week to 2-3 per day.
  • Reduced Internet usage as the SPAM is deflected before it enters your network
  • Faster internet connection as the SPAM never enters your network
  • Regular email reports which show you what has been quarantined and allows you to deliver anything that shouldn’t have been caught.

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We have been using CrystalMail Cloud Spam Filter now for 18 months and would highly recommend it to anyone considering the product. I, like many others, feel the need to instantly look when I received an email resulting in a lot of lost time if it is spam. Crystal Mail has dramatically reduced the spam that makes it to my desktop thus improving efficiency. It also does a good job of not treating a lot of legitimate email as spam and improves each month you use it by learning your “whielist” og contacts. More than pays for its subscription cost.

~ Jason van Holt, Managing Director, Electocom Solutions PL


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