NOVA Anti-Virus

AVlogoYour challenge

Viruses, worms and Trojans can play havoc with your business so a robust protection tool is essential. Guarding your network’s outer layer, or endpoints, is critical to keep your system clear of infection.

Computer viruses can shut down your business during the complex and time-consuming removal process. NOVA Anti-Virus makes your system less vulnerable to infection. Clean up time is vastly reduced. So you can rest assured, you’ll be back online the same day.

securityStaying safe

Computer infections are more common than ever. Yet current trends suggest many systems have little or no protection. Those that do are mostly not current or configured incorrectly. That leaves you and your data vulnerable.

Keeping your computer security up-to-date:

  • protects your personal information and data files;
  • guards against identity theft and secures important passwords;
  • keeps your computer available for use when you need it.

The NOVA solution

Maintaining a healthy iT infrastructure means investing in security. Effective security is about layers of defence. NOVA Anti-Virus is ideal for home, small offices or business and offers you:

  • Award winning virus detection, including the prestigious VB 100% award
  • Real time protection that’s working at the same time as you are
  • Scheduled scans you can set and forget
  • Anti spyware to shield you against stolen logins and bank fraud
  • Email scanner so you can open email attachments with confidence

Added benefits

NOVA Anti-Virus fortifies your protection with off-site monitoring. If you network is ever compromised, NOVA Anti-Virus creates an instant alert for our response team. You’ll receive priority notification if:

  • there is ever a virus outbreak
  • your protection is not updating
  • NOVA Anti-Virus  is ever disabled or uninstalled
  • NOVA Anti-Virus has been optimised for many software packages to help reduce the speed impact which most anti-virus programs have on your system.

Version upgrades are also included and are performed by our qualified technicians.

Cost effective

As you can see NOVA Anti-Virus isn’t just another anti-virus package. It is a complete security solution to ensure your peace of mind. How much is that worth?

Normally $199** per year per computer – Current Special $99** per year per computer plus FREE professional installation*

* Conditions
• Assumption is that the computer is currently virus/infection free.
• The Administrator password can be provided.
• If the PC is infected, you agree that any clean-up time will be chargeable (we will provide an estimate before commencing)
• **Prices quoted are excluding GST and are AUD.
NOVA Anti-Virus systems are locked down to only perform the AV functions, remote support features are enabled at your request.
• Our system has a full audit trail to help protect the security of your data.

NOVA Anti-Virus has been optimised for the following software. If your software is not listed let us know so it can be certified.

exact oasis D4W MYOB
accentis QB CS Solidworks

Don’t delay … to protect your valuable data contact Nova iT now.

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