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Security Audit & Network Penetration Testing

A Security Audit & Network Penetration Test is the security-oriented probing of computer systems and the network they are connected to. We actively seek vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. Our testing process involves an exploration of the security features of the systems in question, followed by an attempt to breach security and penetrate the system.

generic01The testing process is primarily manual to limit generic results from scanners and checklist methods used in general vulnerability assessments. Afterward, we report on the vulnerabilities found and suggest steps that should be taken to make the system/network more secure.

The value of an independent, objective evaluation of security over private data cannot be underestimated. With a hypersensitive public that expects their information to be kept private, firms have an increasingly more demanding job keeping up with security let alone technology. The same can be said for having an expert Security Engineer oversee or implement your security program. Only an engineer that focuses on security can provide assurance that you are doing all that is appropriate to protect your confidential data.

Our network security auditing and penetration testing services provide insights into as many application or operating system weaknesses as possible. We offer two methods of auditing: passive network auditing (black box auditing) and aggressive penetration testing. Both approaches ensure that security is a core component, rather than an afterthought, of your infrastructure.

With NOVA iT GROUP’s network security auditing and penetration testing services, you can be sure that your critical enterprise applications will maintain maximum uptime and integrity.

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