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Cloud Server Benefits

Take advantage of your staffs needs and wants to work from home with a NOVA Cloud Server

BYOD: (Bring Your Own Device)

  • Keep your data secure (why should a stolen or lost laptop mean data loss for your company which could result in someone stealing your clients).
  • Supports multiple devices, desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and internet kiosks.
  • Accounting and many other applications are optimised to run much faster.



100% cloud may not be the best option in most cases, presenting NOVA hybrid cloud, only move to the cloud if it makes sense.

  • It’s about balancing security, reliability and scalability
  • Cloud / Hybrid Cloud solutions are cashflow friendly
  • They can also grow and shrink with your businesses seasonal needs.

It is not all about cost savings, the real value is in productivity gains, staff satisfaction, easier access to information which improves customer satisfaction.

What devices are supported:
  • iPhone
  • iPad (mini, air)
  • Windows PC
  • Apple Mac
  • Linux
  • Internet kiosks
  • Android smartphones and tablets
  • Laptops

Contact NOVA iT now to transform your business.

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