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Quickbooks and Reckon stopped working?

Published on July 16, 2013 in DIY Corner

Quickbooks and Reckon has stopped working when running on Windows 2008 Server

When Quickbooks and Reckon Accounts is installed on a Windows 2008 server the appliaction installs without a problem but when you try to run the application it stops running just after the splash screen and before it prompts you to choose a data file.

The error that is displayed is “Quickbooks has stopped working” and the problem details are as follows.

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name:           BEX
Application Name:                 qbw32.exe
Application Version:              22.0.4002.1210
Application Timestamp:        51b976f8
Fault Module Name:              MSVCR80.dll
Fault Module Version:           8.0.50727.4016
Fault Module Timestamp:    49cc5361
Exception Offset:                    00047780
Exception Code:                      c000000d
Exception Data:                       00000000
OS Version:                               6.0.6002.
Locale ID:                                  3081
Additional Information 1:      beca
Additional Information 2:      8b63f0ac9258a2ddc0205b2a926cfce6
Additional Information 3:      9391
Additional Information 4:     991aec2e5ded419cac687a23011b2d84

There are a number of suggestions on the web, some as simple as changing the compatibitliy settings to Windows XP SP2 or 3, or running as an administrator, or removing and re-installing the application. However, these didn’t help in this instance.

The solution is changing the high security settings of Internet Explorer in the Windows Server Manager.
Here are the steps to get Quickbooks/Reckon Accounts working for you:


  1. Log onto the server as an Administrator.
  2. Open the Server Manager and select “Configure IE ESC” from the right hand side under Security Information.
  3. Then turn off both options for Administrator and Users.
  4. Now open Quickbooks / Reckon Accounts

If you have problems following these steps or would prefer that an IT professional perform these changes or if you this doesn’t help, please call one of our IT professionals for assistance.

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