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Soonr – What can it do in more detail

Published on March 18, 2015 in ITnews

Soonr – Secure File Storage and Collaboration

If you are familiar with DropBox and OneDrive then using Soonr will be simple to use.  However there are many features that can benefit a small to medium size business. Obviously like all software solutions it can be deployed and configured to solve many more problems than is apparent at first glance. Here are some of the benefits as I see them.

  • There is a Windows and MAC desktop application.
  • IOS and Android applications are also available so you can access and edit your files on the go.
  • Scribbler which allows you to draw on a file and then save it as another copy, or send it to someone directly.
  • Web configuration tools to allow you access to your files and also create new projects and manage access permissions, plus lots more.
  • Policy Management which allows you to decide how things are accessed and what happens if a device is lost or stolen (data can be remotely wiped)
  • Files can be locked to ensure no one else can make changes (Office file types can be set to automatically lock)
  • Public Links can be shared with anyone to allow access to specific files or projects.
  • Remotely access other online computers.

Windows Soonr Agent Software


Dashboard The dashboard shows many pieces of critical information, such as:

  • Favourites
  • Recent Changes (as seen below)
  • Locked Files – File locking can be managed here if users have not unlocked their files.
  • Public Links – Any shared file and folder links are shown here and can be managed (know who is accessing your information and revoke access to contractors if required)
  • Space Usage – This allocation graph shows what is using the space Projects or Computer backups.
  • Connected Devices List
  • Recent Project Activity

Soonr Main Dashboard Soonr Dashboard Bottom


  • Projects view allows you to check the status, number of recipients, owner and storage usage.
  • Create and share new Project folders.

Soonr Projects


  • Allows you to view and manage all your connected devices, computers, servers and mobile devices.

Soonr Device List


  • Add and remove Team Members.
  • Create Team Groups to allow for easy permission allocation on Projects.
  • Allocate different storage amounts.

Soonr Manage Team Members

Manage Devices

  • Project Status – Check on the status of projects as they relate to individual devices.
  • Backup Status – File based backup of your home computer or laptop (MyDocuments, Music, Pictures, any important files)
  • Folder Restore – Ability to restore folders and files.
  • Previous Versions – Allows you to review and access older copies of files.
  • Remote Access – Connect to any computer that has the Soonr agent installed.
  • Also get access to files that are not synced as long as the computer is online.

Soonr Manage Devices    

iPad Initial Screenshots

Soonr iPad Welcome Soonr iPad Edit Create Soonr iPad Powerful Projects Soonr iPad Take Action Soonr iPad Start Working

iPad Actual Screenshots

Soonr iPad Projects Soonr iPad Devices Soonr iPad Settings

iPad Scribbler 

  • Allows you to edit files and save a copy of the whole document or just the pages you scribbled on.

Soonr iPad Scribbler 1 Soonr iPad Scribbler 2


What happens if I accidentally delete a file or it becomes corrupted?

Every time a file that is sync’d or backed up via Soonr, a “version” is created and any changes are saved. This allows you to revert to previous versions of these files, should unwanted changes be saved.

Versioning works in the following way:

  • A new version is created each time a file is saved.
  • All versions for the last hour are saved.
  • The last version from each hour for the last day is saved.
  • The last version from each day for the last week is saved.
  • The last version from each week for the last month is saved.
  • The last version from each month is saved for the last 6 months.
  • After 6 months, the version is permanently deleted.


Syncing does not equal backup

There are many scenarios were an offsite backup can save your business. Such as:

  • The sync provider experiences a catastrophic failure (e.g. floods, fire, earthquake)
  • Sync providers business fails
  • Sync provider decides it is no longer a viable business and changes direction (we have seen this in the US some months ago)

For this reason we recommend partnering any syncing solution with NOVA Backup.

Choose from Pro or Enterprise versions depending on your needs.

To organise a Live Demonstration or a trial please contact us.

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